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Monday, August 5, 2019

Amit bhadana Vs BB ki Vines video

Friday, January 4, 2019


Today I will tell you that what is the suggestion.  So friends let's talk about the suggestion,
suggestion means salad ya sujhaav. It means that anyone gives you a suggestion when not understand
that what have to do in your problem and any other matter call SUGGESTION.

SUGGESTION-- If anyone has no idea about his job and not make sure to decide that what s job should be to do then you give him a suggestion about his job.


Thursday, December 27, 2018

HOW to earn paypal cash


how to earn paypal cash

The main topic of the article is how to earn PayPal cash.

 It's a very easy way to make money from PayPal by doing nothing. I t means you just have to earn and easily make PayPal cash by typing and downloading your Android phone keyboard. But after the instruction, you have to do simple work;

2. OPEN APP AND ALLOW ALL THE PERMISSION. have to one more cash keyboard to earn money by typing.
4. When you open the cash keyboard app now you have to enable cheetah keyboard in your phone settings.
5.Once you enable cheetah keyboard open your cash keyboard app go to earn a section and enable earn it by a typing option.

TYPE OF EARNING; can earn by spinning the wheel in spinning you can 10$ a day.
2. you can also earn by downloading new themes. can earn by typing.


1. you can withdraw your money in PayPal.
2.when you reach 10$  you can withdraw.


HOW to earn paypal cash

Friday, December 21, 2018

Earn paytm money 100-1000rs daily

If you want to make paytm money 100-1000 so you came to the right place today I am telling you how to earn 100-1000 paytm money easily. So open play store app saerch'CRICPLAY'app and download the app. Once you download the app and signup in-app and use my referral code 'SATENDERSAGA'.Now you can see a lot of game on the menu you will have to select one by one all cricket matches and make your team participate in a contest to win paytm money.

In this, you see two types of a contest that you earn paytm money.
1. In the free contest, you can make only one free team in one match.
2.If you want to make more teams join the free contest so you will be charge 12coins for making the second team and 15coins for the third team and 18coins for the fourth team.
3. In this app, all types of formate of cricket as t20, one day, test, match.
4.In paid contest 12coins charge for one team.
5. In the paid contest the winner limit is fixed.
6. In the paid contest the winning amount 2000-5000rs according to matches type.

how to earn coins to make more teams to win more paytm money.
please follow the instructions;
1. You can earn coins by watching videos ads.
2.Only one coin for one video ads.
3. If you want to make more coins, so please refer, per refer, you can earn 12coins.

About withdrawal;
1. The minimum limit of withdrawing is 50rs once you reach 50rs you can withdraw.
2.the maximum limit is unlimited.
3. This app payment is very fast the money received in a few seconds.

I hope that after this article you will never search for how to earn paytm cash.

Monday, December 10, 2018

earn paytm cash

    Today I'm telling you how to earn more money by playing games easily. The best app in 2018 and the most popular in a few times is the mpl app you see most of the game you've seen before. but mpl app game is very good the mpl app you don't have to log in directly by your number and sing in a bonus 20 tokens the first time. Play games with mpl and earn lots of money. 
KYC information; you need to KYC verification to withdraw your money 
withdraw options; paytm, Bhim upi, bank transfer.

withdrawal limit; 1st time -1rs 
                          2nd time -10
                              3rd time-30rs
                              4th time-50rs
                              5th time-75rs
                              6th time-75rs and above 

the daily withdrawal limit is -5000rs.